GNOSIS – A New Geomatics Software Suite

Creating a new GIS from scratch is a tough undertaking. It involves a lot of innovation. Ecere, a Canadian company based in Gatineau, Québec has been developing a software platform […]

GIS and Geomatics Mentors

On the Importance of Mentoring in Geomatics

I guess I was lucky. It seems to me that I always wanted to be a civil engineer, but if asked I think we all have someone that we can […]

UAV Mapping

Canadian UAV Company Maps Forest Fire Damage in Alberta

Industry and public awareness for commercial applications of UAV technology has increased significantly in Canada and throughout North America. Initially the technology was primarily developed for military use, where the […]

Matthew Tait: The Business of Geomatics Engineering

In 2000, I was just finishing a two year stint living in Belgium working on modeling downstream facilities.  Yes, we used close-range photogrammetry.  Really dull technical work, but we succeeded […]


Surveying and CAD: Add GIS, Stir and Serve

When Jon Murphy asked me to write something about ‘Surveying and CAD’ this month I thought, “no problem, when do you need it?” Upon more reflection, it occurred to me […]

Geomatics Entrepreneur & Founder SpatialBridge

This is the the first part of a new section featuring Geomatics Entrepreneurs with Jonathan Bailey the founder of SpatialBridge a geomatics consultancy in Ottawa, Canada.

Dan Eslinger of NavCom Technology Inc

Manager Software Engineering

Dan Eslinger of NavCom Technology Inc was kind enough to talk with GoGeomatics to help better explain and define what a Manager Software Engineering role could be.