GNOSIS – A New Geomatics Software Suite

Creating a new GIS from scratch is a tough undertaking. It involves a lot of innovation. Ecere, a Canadian company based in Gatineau, Québec has been developing a software platform […]

#GISTRIBE Hashtag: The GIS Twitter Community

GoGeomatics recently had the opportunity to chat with Emily Garding, the founder of #GISTRIBE. Emily is a Wildlife Biologist who uses GIS to help preserve wildlife and wildlands. She started […]

Orlando Orange County GeoVision database

GIS made in Canada – Doug Seaborn’s VISION*

An interview with GIS entrepreneur and visionary Douglas W. Seaborn on an exciting period of GIS development in the 1980s and 1990s. Claus Rinner: Doug, thank you for agreeing to […]