National Surveyors’ Conference 2013

  The fabulous ninth National Surveyor’s Conference was held from June 18th to 21st, 2013 in Niagara Falls, Ontario in collaboration with Professional Surveyors Canada! This excellent Conference included an […]

ACLS National Surveyors Conference 2013 Day 1

GoGeomatics Canada is excited to attend the Association of Canada Lands Surveyors (ACLS) National Surveyors’ Conference 2013. These are the pictures from today. The morning began with presentations with a […]

Leica GPS survey control base

Where will your Geomatics Career Bring You?

“Should you Specialize or Diversify?” Something many of us in geomatics often come across in our careers is whether or not we should be specialized on a specific geomatics aspect (like a […]


Surveying and CAD: Add GIS, Stir and Serve

When Jon Murphy asked me to write something about ‘Surveying and CAD’ this month I thought, “no problem, when do you need it?” Upon more reflection, it occurred to me […]


November is Surveying and CAD on GoGeomatics

The month of November is going to be focused on topics in surveying and CAD in the Canadian geomatics industry. GoGeomatics Canada will have articles from professionals, students, industry, and […]

Women in Canadian Surveying

GoGeomatics Canada is interviewing Wendy Macisaac of Midwest Surveys Inc. in Calgary, Alberta, about her career and being a female surveyor in a profession long dominated by men. GoGeomatics: We […]