Contribute to GoGeomatics Canada

If you have a passion for GIS, surveying, remote sensing, GPS or anything geospatial related, we want to hear from you!

Do you have something to share with the Canadian GoGeomatics community? We are over 6,000 members strong, making us one of the largest geomatics groups in Canada. Guest bloggers can be students or professionals.

Submit your ideas to become a guest blogger on to our Assistant Manager at with:

  • Your name
  • Contact information
  • Topics you are interested in writing about.

You don’t know what to write about? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Did you attend a geomatics event you want to review?
  2. Talk about your views on the Canadian geomatics industry?
  3. Did you want to talk about a piece of software you’ve used?
  4. Share your unique perspective on geomatics?
  5. Is there a project that you worked on that you would like to tell us about?

The options are limitless…. we just stipulate that it have a Canadian connection and be about geomatics.


Q. How does being a contributor work?

As a contributor, you will receive a login to the GoGeomatics Canada website. Here, you will be allowed to post content as drafts, upload pictures into your postsvia our media gallery, and add meta tags to your content.

Q. How will readers know it’s me posting articles?

After logging in, we ask that you write a blurb about yourself (in  your WordPress user profile) about how you are engaged in geomatics. This will act as your profile, and will be attached to every subsequent post you publish on our site. Where are you from? How did you get into geomatics? Where did you attend school? What has your geomatics career been like? You can add your website address, Twitter account, YouTube channel and LinkedIn web address as well. You must use the entire URL for each of these social media outlets (eg – or We also ask that you upload an Avatar via this link. Please use the same email address you provided in your profile, and our software will pull your Avatar to our site, to be placed in your biography.

Q. How do I add a new post and pictures?

You will be able to post your article as a draft under the Posts tab.We encourage our contributors to use the Upload/Insert icon to add pictures (files from your computer or URLS) throughout your text. 

Once your picture is uploaded, you must decide on a few items. First, you need a name for your picture (defaulted to your uploaded file name), and then a caption and description about your image if you wish. The Link URL is automatic, however you can change it if you want the user to be brought to an outside source when they click on the photograph (eg – company page). When you choose the alignment, think of where you would like your picture to be placed on your page when viewed by auser. Choosing left or right will put it inline with your text, choosing center will not. If you have text on your image, it may be best to choose full size as your image size option so readers do not have a problem deciphering the text. Otherwise, medium is usually fine. Once you are happy with your selections, click Insert into Post. If you need to make changes to sizing or alignment after it is already inserted into your post, simply click on the image and change your options.

Q. What if I want to add hyperlinks?

To add a hyperlink to your text, you highlight the word/phrase you want to be linked, and then click the Insert/edit link button or (Alt + Shift + A). Here you enter the destination URL, and please select Open link in a new window/tab. If you already have an article posted on GoGeomatics Canada and would like to link to it, click the Or link to existing content to select the appropriate content.

Q.  What formatting do I use for my article?

In an attempt to keep everything similar, we ask that you use the following formatting options. The maximum character limit for the title of your article is 50. This includes spaces and all punctuation. If it is any more, the article of your title will not fit on the homepage properly. Justify your text (Alt + Shift + J), use the Paragraph option for standard body text, and bolded Paragraph option for text you would like to stand out (eg – our questions in this article). Use Heading 3 bolded for any subheadings throughout your article. Remember that it is seldom that your article will look the same when editing compared to on the actual magazine. Make sure to preview your article before submitting it for review.

Q. How do I showcase important words in my article?

After saving your draft, it is time to add some Tags associated to your post. These act as keywords to what is in your article. Common ones for our site include geomatics, Canada, Twitter, GIS and GPS.

Q. When will readers see my article?

Since your article is saved as a draft, it will not be published to the website immediately. A GoGeomatics Canada team member will review your article, and then have it published on a date that benefits our members.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a GoGeomatics Canada contributor!

The GoGeomatics Canada Team