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GoGeomatics Canada has always seen social media tools as opportunities for networking, distributing information, and creating a community. Social media can be part of a highly successful online marketing strategy, but it does take time, resources, and consistency to be successful. GoGeomatics can provide social media management and implementation services to your geomatics company.


Our GoGeomatics twitter has been helping to shape the geomatics twitterverse since November 2009. We tweet events, links to informative articles, geomatics jokes and jobs.

Twitter can be a powerful tool for companies to reach a wide, targeted audience. If your company needs helps setting up a Twitter account, creating a schedule, finding industry leaders to follow, or managing your tweets, contact us.


To become a member of our LinkedIn group, click here. You will notice a lot of activity, from polls and articles, to popular discussions and event information. This is where the geomatics community posts their questions, gives advice and state their opinions.

LinkedIn is a social media tool for professionals to network online. Companies post jobs, your boss can write you a recommendation, and you can connect with old colleagues and future prospective colleagues. Click here to learn more about LinkedIn and why it “operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 175 million members in over 200 countries and territories” (LinkedIn, 2 August 2012).

We have had a lot of success creating an engaged community on LinkedIn, and can help your company with a LinkedIn strategy plan and management.


The GoGeomatics Facebook page is our newest social media channel, and has seen some exciting growth in recent months. We  post links to all of our articles that we publish on our magazine, updates to current events and information about newly posted jobs throughout Canada. If your company needs help setting up or managing a Facebook account, get in touch with us. We’d be happy to work out a social media strategy that works for you.