Planning and Management Awareness Workshops

These workshops are designed for the decision makers, planners, executives, managers and administrators who do not have any prior exposure to geomatics. We introduce the basic principles of remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS), and its application to relevant thematic areas. Both the capabilities and limitations of these technologies, and institutional arrangements required for implementation, are explained during the workshops. Demonstration of real-world case studies are made to show the potential of these tools and technologies. The duration or workshop is normally one day.

Technical Level Seminars

These courses are tailored for the working level technicians and specialists in geomatics. They are targeted to collect field data and process them using remote sensing and GIS techniques. The course content includes basic principles of remote sensing and GIS, data automation, digital image processing, field methods and Global Positioning System (GPS) data collection techniques, along with hands-on training sessions.

Custom Training Solutions

GoGeomatics Canada can provide training and seminars to all areas of technical specialization in geomatics. Please contact us using the contact form for more information.